MACC Rides the Motherland, AFRICA!

Our Hubert Watson (Utube) had a dream to take MACC to Africa and after 2 years of planning (1 year a postponement), his dream has finally come true in 2021! Hubert and 12 other members & friends made that long trip to the motherland to participate in an 11-day “Serengeti to the Sea” bicycle tour hosted by Pedalers Travel. The initial stage of the tour is non-cycling but adventurous, cycling will start around the 5th day averaging 50-miles a day. You can live their experience vicariously through Ralph Lyons’s daily Facebook blog linked below.

Viewing directions: Click on “See more” to expand FB posts, click the “Like, Comment, or Share” icons to access pictures in the FB posts. Use the Day # links to skip posts if you visit daily. Feel free to leave comments at the bottom of the page. Some day posts may be delayed based on their Wifi availability.


Day 1 June 28th – The Arrival

Travelers: Hubert, Eloise, Greg, Patrice, Alpha, Bo, Ralph, Lori, Will, Harold, Catala, Jason, and Ed.


Day 2 June 29th – The Serengeti


Day 3 June 30th – Tanzania


Day 4 July 1st – Tanzania Bushland & Ngorongoro Crater

Ngorongoro Crater (image from

Traveling the land
We will wait, it’s your world
Bushmen Blacksmith (working metal)
Today’s catch from the hunt


Day 5 July 2nd – Lake Manyara & Cycling

The Bikes and African Cyclists have arrived!

Let the cycling begin!

Bo Rolling in, Welcome

MACC’S Queen Alpha!

MACC’s oldest rule in effect, remove that jersey if you have to walk that bike! Really rough road!

These roads aren’t for the faint at heart, challenged!


Day 6 July 3rd – Mt Meru & Maasai Village


Awesome Dinner


Day 7 July 4th – Savanna around Mt Kilamanjaro & Moshi


Day 8 July 5th – Korogwe to Pangani (coastal town)

Bikes & Cycles are a neccesity
The Sea (Indian Ocean)


Day 9 July 6th – Cycle the coast, visit Saadani National Park


Riding in the wild


Day 10 July 7th – More coastal riding to the historic town of Bagamoyo


Day 11 – July 8th-11th (Excursion to Zanzibar)

Fast Ferry to Zanzibar

Cycling Trip of Their Lifetime!

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