MACC Race Team

The Vision
MACC Racing’s vision is to continue to bring awareness of the sport of bicycle racing in black and minority communities and to provide challenging and enriching experiences for all people. 

The Dream Team
The Dream Team program was created in 1994 by the Bicycle Ride Across Georgia (BRAG) to offer Atlanta Public School students the opportunity to get fit by cycling across the state.  Though these groups have been successful in their existence, their influence hasn’t been as strong with younger people.  ‘MACC Racing’ is the next phase of growth for Metro Atlanta Cycling Club and BRAG Dream Team to grow its presence in the metro Atlanta area and the Southeast at large.

Success of Riders
As of this writing, articles have been published in the Wall Street Journal about the success of riders like Justin and Cory Williams who are making names for themselves by going against cycling’s traditional paths and still winning races.  Let’s not forget women of color!!!  Take for example Ayesha McGowan, who is on a trajectory to become the first African American female professional cyclist.  She along with many other elite-level women are bringing attention to the need for a more realistic representation of people of color in cycling as shared in this article.

About Our Race Team
MACC Racing consists of racers ranging from Category 5 (beginner) to Category 1 (semi-professional).  MACC Racing will also shepherd members of the Dream Team to advance their cycling experience from club riders to seasoned racers. Click here to view MACC Racing’s recent success.

Become a Sponsor Today!

Want to become a MACC Race Team Sponsor? Download our brochure to learn more. Choose one of the several sponsorship levels that meet our budget. Also, please visit our Instagram page below to view some of our racers in action. If you have any questions, please contact Daudi Cobb, Team Manager.

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Daudi Cobb
Daudi Cobb

Team manager and cyclist from Lilburn, Georgia. Daudi has over 20 years of experience in competitive racing.