2020 One Love Virtual Ride Report!

Thanks to the COVID 19 Pandemic, the One Love Century was held in a place like never before. We rolled out in Road Grand Tours

(RGT Cycling’s) virtual world and took our sponsors and friends with us. From the 3-jet flyover start, through the La Flamme Rouge, to the Finish line, it was an awesome fun experience. Riders traveled the real world elevation of a 25-mile classic One Love Century route including the infamous Big Ugly climb. Along the way riders, some decked out in our One Love Century kit, were cheered on by sideline spectators and visually reminded of our generous sponsors via road signs and billboards. Some riders expectantly raced to win prizes while others rolled at moderate paces enjoying the scenery and fellowship. On the rider’s chat stream folks called out “don’t forget to hydrate”, “hole left,” “catch my wheel,” “see you at the finish,” and more words of encouragement. The only things missing from this ride was our famous hospitable rest stops and festive after ride party!

Click the following link to read the entire report https://onelovecentury.org/2020-one-love-virtual-ride…/. As always, One Love!

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