MACC Race Champions!

MACC members participated in the annual Georgia State Championship Road Race on May 25th, 2019 and a champion emerged; El Presidente himself! On the hottest of days to date, on a hilly 42-mile course, our racers hammered it out never giving up and MACC members cheered them through from beginning to end! 

Greg Masterson places in Georgia State Championship Masters

Our President Greg Masterson pushed through to capture Georgia State Championship Masters 55+! We could not be more thrilled and proud

Dominico Kantor places in Sprint Masters

Our Caveman (Dominico Kantor) captured 4th and field sprint Masters 35+ (Top 10 placement)! 

Jeremiah Ramirez Places in Top 10

Our Panda (Jeremiah Ramirez) captured 6th place Cat 5 (Top 10 placement)!

The are all winners in our books!

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