2019 Honoring Greatness Marshall “Major” Taylor

Members are doing great things in the community by educating our youth about a hero they may otherwise never have heard of Marshall Major Taylor a black man! He was an 1899 World Champion, an unsung hero no more. We honor him every year with a ride to celebrate his life, but members are taking it a step further this year! 

MACC has joined with the “BRAG Dream Team” and the “Major Taylor Association of Worcester, MA.” to celebrate Black History Month with a series of presentations about Major Taylor to local schools. Each presentation is accompanied by a donation of age-appropriate books about Major Taylor. The presentation schedule and list of participating schools are:

Woodson Grove Park Academy 2/15/19 & 2/25/19 at 9 am
Martin Luther King Jr Middle School 2/22/19 at 9 am
Tri-Cities High School 2/26/19 at 9 am
Maynard Jackson High School 3/6/19 at 9:45 am

For more information on how you can participate, or receive updates follow us on Instagram at macc_majortaylor_edu or email us at majortayloreducation@gmail.com.

If you don’t know about Marshall Major Taylor, please look him up! He lived an amazing life against all odds and is the greatest cycling CHAMPION! 


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