MACC One Love Solidarity.

This is not the virtual ride we are planning for later in the year. THIS IS A PLAN WHERE YOU CAN SHOW ONE LOVE SOLIDARITY ON THE DAY WE WOULD HAVE HELD THE ONE LOVE CENTURY! WE ARE NOT HOSTING AN ACTUAL RIDE, but you can show your love by riding on this day and thinking about us and all your fellow riders as ONE.
– Do a ride of your choosing on our annual One Love Century date 9/5/2020
– Wear a MACC One Love Century kit, or any One Love inspired attire, or your club kit and take photos/videos
– Upload your ride to your favorite social media platform and name it “One Love Solidarity Ride”. Add the name of your club in your ride title!
– PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE upload some of your ride photos and videos to this Shutterfly repository: Instructions are provided on the site. We will review this repository to determine the club(s) with the most MEMBERS RIDING and give a special shout out on our social media platforms. We are not suggesting clubs group ride, do what’s right for you and yours. It’s all in fun!
As always, please be safe out there and we’ll see you in 2021.

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The event is finished.

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