MACC Monday’s Virtual Ride

Have you heard?  The 2020 One Love Century on October 24th, is going to be done in a Virtual world using Smart Trainers and a new and “FREE” app called RGT Cycling ( )

This weekly ride is intended to give riders an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the APP and have some fun with people that they know in the process.  Each week a different route that has been generated from an “Actual Road” in the Metro Atalanta Area will be ridden.  These are private, by invitation only, rides so you will need to click on the event code link below “FROM the Device where your RGT Cycling App is installed. In most cases this will be your Cell Phone.

The route this week features a 20 mile segment of the famed Airport Ride/ Race.

To register for this ride click on the event code below from the device where your RGT Cycling App is installed.  It is recommended that you do this well in advance of the ride it self.

To install and set up RGT  and see the FAQ’s please visit:

The event is finished.

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