MACC Sunday Training Ride

Last Updated on Wednesday, 16 May 2012 Written by Drew Jackson

See you next Sunday (09/18/11)

MACC CLUB RIDE - Sunday - 09/11/11 - Circle of Death - 9am - Georgia Perimeter College - Carlton Fields - ride leader - 703-582-1877
visit for details

Seagull Century -  10/13/11 - 10/16/11
Plans are being made to take a 12-15 passenger van to the Seagull Century.  If interested contact Drew - 404-695-0095.

National Brotherhood of Cyclist - please join NBC to view NBC's itinerary for the Seagull Century.  Please Google - National Brotherhood of Cyclist.

MACC Training Ride Results:
Sunday - Sept. 4, 2011
15 Riders - 30 miles
Bo, LarryJ, Don, LarryP, Fridge, JKool, Big Daddy, Dr. Lisa,
Carlton, OT, Ron, Cheryl, Thelma (4), Terry (4), Drew,
Don - KOM - 2 points
OT - Sprint - 2 points

Daudi - (Honorable Mention) Happy Birthday!!!

This was one of the best MACC Training Rides yet.  Because of the GREAT SUCCESS and HARD WORK put into the ONE LOVE on yesterday, we (at least some of us) decided to take it easy today.  We rode to Stone Mountain for a "figure eight" and then LarryP lead us casually back to Kensington Station along a scenic route through the surrounding neighborhoods.  Of course, it wouldn't be a MACC ride if there wasn't some sort of attack.  So, true to form, Bo (that's right, Bo), instigated an attack on the Avondale City Limits sign that Fridge, Don, Carlton, OT and Ron could not resist.  Notice above who received the points. That's the thing. You never know when points may be awarded, so you "gotta" be on top of your game at all times. (Actually, there is a systematic points scale, but as stated before, this ride wasn't supposed to be about "all that.")

But anyway, after the nice ride, we ate a few leftovers from yesterday, discussed  upcoming trips (Seagull, Nashville), and of course, listened to Bo's and Larry J's old "war" stories.

See you next week!


Sunday, August 28, 2011
35 and 26 mile option
13 Riders -
Fridge, Jerry, JKool, Will, Terrick, Dennis, OT, Ron, Drew
Von - Welcome Back!
Brent, Amir, Jabari  - Welcome!  1st Time MACC Ride

New Point System -
1 point - for showing up to the training ride.
1 point - KOM (King of the Mountain) - Henderson Mill Rd at Fielding Dr.
Sprint Zone - Chamblee Tucker Rd. - Barth Chiropractic - approx. 50 yards before QT.
3 pts - 1st place
2 pts - 2nd place
1 pt -  3rd place
Top Six Stage Finishers - Kensington Rd -  Kensington MARTA Station Sign -40 yards before Memorial Dr.
6 pts - 1st place
5 pts - 2nd place...
1 pt - 6th place
Ride Leader Points
1 pt - B Group
1 pt - C Group     
These are individual points.  These points are tallied to be included in Team Points.  (East vs. West - "that's right Bay-Bee, E vs W!")

WOW!  Please don't let the confusion of all of this deter you from coming to the ride.  You show up, we put you on a team, you get a point. I guess I'm just bored and need something to do.  Just Ride Bay-Bee!!!

Other than the 1 point received for showing up to the ride, here are the standings:

RIDER     TEAM                KOM       SPRINT       STAGE     RIDE LEADER            TOTAL
Eddie        W             8/21    1                                                                                        1
Jerry         W                                           4                                                                      4
JKool        W                                           3                                                                      3
Drew         W                                                                                   1                             1
WEST -  9

Daudi        E              8/21    1                                                                                          1
Rich          E              8/28    1                                                                                          1
OT            E                                             6                                                                      6
Will           E                                             5                                                                      5
Ron           E                                            2                                                                       2
Fridge       E                                            1                                                                       1
EAST  -  16

A separate spreadsheet is being developed so that you can view your individual and team standings.


Congratulations to those MACC and Friends who completed the Wilson 100:
Pres and his entourage - The 1st Lady, Big Daddy, Cheryl, Rhonda
There may have been others whose names I don't have.  "Shout-out" to you also.
MACC Training Ride Results:
August 7, 2011

16 Riders -
33 mile option
27 mile option
Pres, Bo, Don Fridge, Daudi, Mark, Carlton, Drew, Dennis, Black Cherry, George,
Eddie  -  King of the Mountain - sort of - lol
Cheryl  -  Congrats for completing her 50 mile ride yesterday on the MACC Silver Comet Ride - yay!!!
OT             Welcome - 2nd MACC ride     (Thanks Fridge)
Ron            Welcome - 2nd MACC ride     (Thanks Fridge)
Richard      Welcome - 1st  MACC ride      (Thanks LarryP)

No MACC Training Ride next Sunday 8/14/2011 -




Sunday, July 17, 2011
13 riders

Pres          Trail Boss
Daudi        Hit Man
J-Kool       Carlton
Terrick       Dennis
Drew          Big Daddy
Gordon  - (2nd time riding with MACC.  Putting it down on a MTB!)
Bernard  - (Welcome!  1st time riding with MACC.  Lookout for this guy.  He will "hammer.")
Black Cherry  - (She's "holding it down" on the casual option with Coach Big Daddy.  Increased
to 26.7 miles this week.  Ni-ice!!!)

Options -
33.3 fast/intermediate pace
25.4 intermediate - took short option because of time restraint
26.7 beginner/casual pace

No MACC Training Ride on Sunday, July 24, 2011.  Cook-Out Ride - 11am

Info and Events:

July 20, 2011 - Wed. - 7:00pm  MACC Quarterly Meeting - West End Mall Conf. Room

July 23, 2011 - Sat. - 8:30am - Baby Tucker Ride - Tucker High School (area) - 43 miles - kits please.

July 24, 2011 - Sun. - 11:00am - Cook-Out Ride - Trammell Crow Park - 25 mile - casual- no drop
Cook-Out to follow with SF Running Partners, Snow-Seekers and Hartsfield Hikers

July 31, 2011 - Sun. - 9:00am - Dial Mill - Miller Rd. -  85 miles (LarryJ is looking forward to bringing "the hurt" on this one.)

Please visit for details on all events.





Training Ride Results:

Sunday, July 10, 2011
After a cup of coffee with "The Pres" (Greg), the Lovely First Lady (Patrice) and "Big Daddy" (George)
I set out on a Beautiful Sunday Morning Breakfast Club Ride with 16 others.
34 mile option - fast paced
34 mile option - intermediate pace
20 mile option - casual/beginner pace
Thanks to George and J-Kool (James W.) for leading the casual option.  And thanks to Mark and Terrick for leading the intermediate option.

Riders present:
Pres            Eddie
Bo              Terrick
Larry J        Mark
Don            Carlton
Larry P       Dennis
Kirk            Nedra
James W     George
Patrice        Drew

Upcoming Events: