A One Love Virgin... So to Speak

My test on two-wheels was approaching and I was nervous and excited. It would be my longest ride! It
was one thing to drink beer or eat sushi together (I even visited the crew at the Major Taylor Mountains
Summit) but the 2011 One Love Century be the first time I rode with MACC. I recalled how MACC
members looked so slick, serious and fast in their gear – maybe I should have limited the association to
food and libation!




What riders said about past events


phd2007 said:

A great ride! Everyone was super nice and helpful, aid stations were great and after party was lots of fun. Met loads of nice people and had a great day!


Luv2Ride770 said:

Great event. Very well organized with clear markings to maintain your route. This was my first ride and looking forward to the next.


ejones31 said:

A beautiful event. I rode the 43 mile option and the markings were great. Very organized. I will do it next year.


Seatpost7 said:

The One Love Century, in my mind, is the most diverse, well organized, and well-supported local cycling event in Metro Atlanta. Online advance registration was convenient. Gathering my pre-ride package on ride day was a snap.

Road maps and route markings were well placed. Without regrets, car traffic on the century rout was surprisingly low. The weather could not have been nicer. Big props go to the organizers for including extra manned water stations along the century rout. Thanks guys, I needed that. This was my first One Love full century, though my second year ridding. It was great seeing so many fellow cyclist volunteers and familiar faces at the rest stops. What an awesome job you?ve done to make this event a continued success. I take great pride knowing my contributions help to promote cycling education/events for Atlanta?s inter-city kids.


jlb1316 said:

The BEST event - Tri or cycle i have attended! It was very well organized. The roads were recently marked. At difficult intersections there was someone to tell you where to go. The rest stops had great food and very nice people. I was late getting back since it was i first century...they still cheered my home...and there was food left. The food was AWESOME also..... i will be back next year...thank you


Kenny B. Gilead said:

This was my second year attending the one love ride.. My over all experience was astonishing, once again. I will be looking forward to the annual ride next year. Enjoyed the beautiful country sides. I will be inviting friends to the ride next year. Keep up the good work.


SeibelWerks said:

The MACC 100 is a great event because of the people. At the last SAG, a volunteer filled my water bottle up with ice. At the end, I pulled up to the school and before I could get off my bike, a very great guy gave me a nice slice of watermelon. Beautiful weather, dark blue skies with wispy brush stroked clouds, everything you could ask for a great ride.


Terri Wilson said:

This is by far the BEST cycling event!! Everything was top notch. Love the route, the volunteers could not have been more accomodating, and the route was fantastic! The cyclists who missed it really missed out and should plan to attend next year. I have done this ride a few times now and will be back again next year. Love you guys!!!!!!!!!


pzsjgkz said:

This was my second year doing the MACC One Love. Its one of the better rides in GA.The post ride meal was not my bag but hey thats life.


barrykap said:

One of the best run cycling events I have ever attended. The volunteers were enthusiastic. Routes were well laid out and well marked. There were live volunteers at potentially hard to navigate turns on the route directing cyclists. On every other ride I've ever been on, I know of someone who got off route (lost), but not this ride. I often bring my own food on rides like this because you never know what kind of junk they will offer. This one had real Clif Bars, gels, bananas etc (in addition to the obligatory PBJ. The tomatoes were a great touch.

Where do I sign up for next year?


imanie1 said:

This was a great event...the ride was well-marked (there was some confusion by several people at first rest stop regarding which way was home or the 27 mile option). Thhe SAG car and staff were awesome and encouraging!! See you next year!!


DancerDiva said:

A beautiful, well-marked ride with great volunteers, staff and SAG stops. And the reggae at the end with patties?!#@! Freakin' awesome. Love me some One Love