New Year's Day with MACC

Written by Greg Masterson


New Year's Day 2011. After the presidential pancakes and other breakfast goodies
were finished the weather forecast was the subject at hand. The prognosticators
of precipitation were not calling for a chance rain, but absolute certainty of icy cold
rain of biblical proportions. There was talk of being reasonable and going straight to
the frosty cold beverages that were supposed to be for after the ride. There was
discussion about the cons getting water in wheel bearings and bottom brackets.
Safety issues of cars not being able to see in the rain. Then someone mentioned
the "one fool rule" and immediately Rod and Drew materialized out of Rod's empty
Dead Guy bottle totally kitted up ready to ride. It was on. A little icy rain would not
stop the MACC New Years Day ride. Everyone kitted up and went outside for the
obligatory New Years day pic and and rode roughshod right over the "one fool rule".
We left my house heading for Stone Mountain Park. Cowboy, Jerry T, and Alpha
"World Class" Bennett took their usual place at the front of the peloton. Derrick and
"MACC Bike Mike", kept us all together pulling or pushing those starting to suffer
early on. When we got to the park we headed straight for the infamous Catfish climb.
Knee grinding grades of over 18 percent awaited those those you were searching
for their 2 best friends. Pain and Suffering. While the masochists headed up catfish
the others took the inner loop around to meet us at the golf course. We regrouped
on the site if the 1996 Olympic velodrome and heard blood curdling screams of
agony coming from the hill. I had bet Big Daddy a Dead Guy ale he would be
walking up catfish and I could taste the hops already. Unfortunately for me, no
one digs deeper than Big Daddy. Good thing I had a 6 pack.

As we pushed on toward our rendezvous point the first drops began to fall. In one
second I thought some football players mistook us for their coach and dumped 5
gallons of gatorade and ice on us. The rain was so hard .....(fill in the blank).............
It was like a flash flood. Lisa and Andrea led us up the last hill like white water
kayakers with no kayaks going upstream. The water was literally up to our bottom
brackets at points. After we left Stone Mountain Park and cut through Wade Walker
Park the water had risen to the hubs of our wheels. It was a good thing, for it the
water stopped moving it would have certainly turned to ice. Just when the ball fields
looked impassable and we were about to give up hope Bo Gaines came to the rescue.
He slowly rode into the former ball fields that were now totally under water and
motioned for us to get on his wheel. The water parted like the Red Sea for Moses.
Bo led us to the promised land and just for a second at the end of the ride the sun
came out and shone upon us. This is how MACC rides into 2011.