MACC beginnings


OUR MISSION: "To promote cycling in the black community and build camaraderie among all cyclists."

90s MACC

The Metro Atlanta Cycling Club (MACC) began in the mid 80's out of the now defunct Yellow Jersey Bicycle Shop in South Dekalb. The Yellow Jersey Bicycle Shop opened its doors not only to serve the cycling community, but also to bring awareness of the sport to the black community.  The club’s founding members, Larry Anderson and Dikobe McFarlane, shared the same vision and as a result, started MACC. Some of the club’s original members who were instrumental in developing the club included Larry and Betty Anderson, Stan and Julie Foster, Art Durden, Marvin Anderson, Curtis Cobb, Dikobe McFarlane, Walter Williams, Stan Smith, Melvin Washington, Stefan Hood, and Fred Butler.

The club consists of a wide range of riders from various ages, backgrounds, and professions, who all have a common enthusiasm and love for cycling.  Many of the members are also mountain bikers, coaches, racers, tennis players, swimmers, and runners, who participate in a wide range of sports and other activities when not on their road bikes. Members regularly participate in 100-mile century rides, criterium road races, and track racing at the local velodrome in East Point , Georgia .

MACC welcomes new members who have an interest in cycling and general health and fitness.  MACC guidelines are governed by the rules of the road, basic cycling etiquette, and courtesy to fellow cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists. We share the road and obey all traffic rules, call out road obstacles, and look out for each other when we ride.  Unlike most cycling clubs, MACC does not have any outside sponsors. Members support the club entirely through yearly dues and proceeds from their various fundraising activities.

MACC men and women can be easily spotted among the colorful jerseys of the peloton.  Yellow, red, black, and green are the colors found on MACC's club jersey, which also displays the legendary black 1899 Word Champion cyclist, Major Taylor. Additional symbols found on the jerseys are typically mountain summits and the important symbol of unity amongst humanity "funtuntunefu-denkyemfunefu". These Pan-Africa colors combined with the "Leader of the Tour" jersey color (the pinnacle of cycling) and the selected symbols provide a visual presentation of MACC's heart and soul. One Love!