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MACC Ladies

MACC Ladies


2015 MACC Ladies Only Rides
Date  Time  Location
May 28
6:30 pm Arabia Mountain
June 5
6:30 pm Stone Mountain Park
July 15
6:30 pm

Brookhaven Community Ride

Suntrust Bank at 4030 Peachtree Rd, NE Atlanta, GA 30319
(corner of Peachtree and Dresden Drive)
Aug 11
6:30 pm Silver Comet Trail, Floyd Road at the SCT Depot
Sept 5
8:00 AM One Love Century Fundraiser


Please see MACC Calendar for upcoming rides and route details.

Why a MACC Ladies Group?

The MACC Ladies believe that more women would be riding bicycles if there were more positive, supportive and enjoyable opportunities to ride and learn with and be inspired by other women riders. There are so many great benefits to being on a bike!  Fun, exercise, camaraderie, health and wellness, meeting new people, networking….But we also understand that getting ladies on a bike also means addressing opportunities—and concerns—that keep many off the road, from riding in traffic to road-handling skills or how to ride effectively and safely in groups. Distance matters for personal goal-setting but boosting confidence, skills and enjoyment are just as important to MACC Ladies.

Besides actual rides, we also try to support women by providing off-the-bike learning and social opportunities.  During 2013 we plan to hold tutorials and classes, such as How to Change a Tire or Managing Nutrition and Hydration. We also enjoy impromptu post-ride dinners, potluck gatherings or complementary topics like “Tips for Making Homemade Energy Bars” throughout the year, maybe even an outing to watch a local race or trip to the Velodrome.  We also hope to set up a MACC Ladies Only internet forum or group page soon to share wisdom, tips and resources.

Check the MACC Calendar to find out what’s coming up, route details and which ones match your skill and fitness level. If it’s your first time out on a group ride or you’re uncertain about
your skill level, start with a beginner ride like Silver Comet. We’re all volunteers and here to support—but not carry you--to the finish! J

MACC Ladies  Routes – Overview
What to Bring
MACC Calendar

MACC Ladies  Routes – Overview

The MACC women currently feature four primary routes and each has a different character, difficulty, and location – so you can decide which are a good fit for you.  Just because it’s a Ladies Only ride does not mean it will necessarily be slow, flat or easy.  See below for a brief outline of each ride then visit the MACC Calendarfor dates and more ride-specific details.

Silver Comet Trail:  This route is great for the full range of abilities, from absolute beginners to those looking for some fast miles.  The course is completely flat (except for a couple of bridges), has no car traffic except at intersections, and the pavement is generally in great shape.  We often work on pace line riding, and learning to ride with other cyclists around you.  It’s a good place to learn the real basics of road riding.

Arabia Mountain Trail:  Another route that is a good fit for a wide range of abilities.  No traffic, and nearly brand new pavement – and more picturesque & diverse than
Silver Comet – with turns, trees, and parks.  BUT, the trail has hills, some of them pretty steep.  You should have a basic/good level of fitness to complete this route.

Brookhaven Community Loops:  This is a great area to learn how to ride with low levels of car traffic, how to conquer moderate hills, and how to ride with other cyclists on the road.  The route is in a golf course community, and offers resort-like scenery on a twisting, turning, up and down road next to Silver Lake.  You will need basic/good fitness to handle the hills and distance on this ride.

Stone Mountain:  Low traffic, and in some places the cars are even routed in a different direction.  But the Park is very hilly, no matter how you do it.  Note: This is our most difficult route,
so not recommended for beginners. Bring your climbing legs!

What to Bring to the MACC Ladies Rides

Part of being a good cyclist is having the tools and accessories necessary to be self-sufficient, safe, and ready to ride.  Below is a general list of items to bring and a to-do list to be ready for a MACC ride.


  • Gear Bag:  buy an underseat gear bag and stock it with the basics  – extra tube,tire tools, a small multi-tool, and either a mini-pump or a CO2 cartridge set.
  • Tire Pressure:  pump your tires up before coming to the ride, or bring a floor pump that you can use in the parking lot before the ride.  If you need help, MACCleaders will be there to help you learn.
  • Your bike:  Give it a quick inspection.  Spin the wheels to make sure they aren’t rubbing.  Do the gears shift accurately and easily?  Does everything seem to be in order?
  • Helmet:  Every MACC ride requires every participant to wear an ANSI approved helmet.  MACC ride leaders can help you ensure a correct fit.
  • Hydration/Food: Remember to bring water and maybe an energy snack (bar, gel, banana, etc).
  • Optional items:  The following will make your ride more enjoyable, but aren’t absolutely necessary.  Cycling gloves, sunglasses, cycling shoes and clipless pedals, padded cycling shorts.
  • Be on Time:  MACC rides almost always leave promptly at the advertised time.  Get to the start of the ride with plenty of time to get yourself and your bike ready to roll!

Have fun, be positive and open to possibilities. You might just catch the MACC Ladies Magic!

Thursday the 21st. One Love
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