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One Love Century 100 (85) Mile Recon Ride

MACC and Friends,

The One Love Century 100 (85) Mile Recon Ride

Sunday - August 27, 2017 - 8am     8am     8am

The concentration will be on previewing the 100 mile One Love Century route, however, all of the route options are open but self-supported  (16, 27, 43, 62 and complete 100).

The 100 mile route recon will be 85 miles.  We will depart Stonewall Elemantary School and take Butner Rd. to Ridge Rd. to Cedar Grove Rd./Campbellton/Redwine Rd. and go directly to Roscoe, bypassing the many turns of the shorter options along the way.   We will ride straight to Roscoe where we will begin the outer loop of the 100 mile option which begins at Sewell Mill Rd.  After completion of the outer loop we will take Campbellton/Redwine to Cedar Grove Rd., Ridge Rd. straight back to Butner Rd. and then to Stonewall Tell Elemantary School, again, bypassing the turns of the shorter options.

A shorter 50 mile straight-out-and-back option of this loop is also available.




Tuesday the 16th. One Love
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