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Tuesday Tap-Out / Oz to Oz

MACC and Friends,

Tuesday Tap Out - Oz to Oz

Every Tuesday - 6:30pm

Regions Bank

2833 Main St.

East Point, Ga. 30344

1 block south of Oz Pizza East Point

28 miles - Expect rolling hills for the first 16 miles followed by relatively flat terrain for the faster 12 mile ride north on Hwy 29 from Oz Pizza in Fairburn, Ga. to Oz Pizza in East Point. Ga.

   .0      L      Main St.
   .05    L     Thompson Ave.
   .13    L      E. Point St.
   .42    R     Main St.
  1.0     R     Lyle Ave
  2.2     X     Washington Rd
                   Becomes Stone Rd.
  4.7     L      N.Camp Creek
  4.9     R     Stone Rd.
  5.2     L      Hogan
  5.8     L      Fairburn Rd.
  6.7     L      Welcome All Rd.
  7.8     S      Ben Hill Rd.
  9.3     R      Will Lee Rd.
 10.4    L       Welcome All Rd.
 11.8    R      Hwy 29
 17.0            Oz Fairburn (turnaround location)
                    Take Hwy 29 North for 12 miles back to Oz East Point. 



Wednesday the 22nd. One Love
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