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Miller Bottom Excursion

MACC and Friends,
Miller Bottom Excursion
Sunday - October 22, 2017 - 8:00am   8:00am    8:00am
Miller Grove Middle School
2215 Miller Rd.
Decatur, Ga. 30035
55 and 30 mile options - Larry J will lead the 55 mile moderate option - 15-16mph/avg
Ride Leaders are needed for the 55 mile 16++mph/avg option and the 30 mile option.  Thanks!!!
The ride map is located at (ride maps) 
Miller Bottom Excursion has always been a MACC favorite.  Enjoy the rolling and scenic hills, the most beautiful roads in Dekalb County.  Take on "Hightower Hump" and enjoy the speedy pace-line on "Miller Bottom."  Remember to save just a little bit for the attack, that is sure to come, on Rock Springs Rd.  This classic MACC route has always been a thriller and is sure to please. :-)
For more info or to volunteer to be a Ride Leader contact Drew - 404-695-0095 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Remember, ALL MACC MEMBERS are required to lead at least one MACC ride per year. 
 Helmets are required for all rides.  By participating in any MACC ride you accept the risks and responsibilities associated with group rides.  You are ultimately responsible for your own personal safety.
Part of being a good cyclist is having the tools and accessories necessary to be self-sufficient, safe, and ready to ride.  Below is a general list of items to bring and a to-do list to be ready for a MACC ride.
  • Gear Bag:  buy an underseat gear bag and stock it with the basics  – extra tube,tire tools, a small multi-tool, and either a mini-pump or a CO2 cartridge set.
  • Tire Pressure:  pump your tires up before coming to the ride, or bring a floor pump that you can use in the parking lot before the ride.  If you need help, MACCleaders will be there to help you learn.
  • Your bike:  Give it a quick inspection.  Spin the wheels to make sure they aren’t rubbing.  Do the gears shift accurately and easily?  Does everything seem to be in order?
  • Helmet: Every MACC ride requires every participant to wear an ANSI approved helmet.  MACC ride leaders can help you ensure a correct fit.
  • Hydration/Food: Remember to bring water and maybe an energy snack (bar, gel, banana, etc).
  • Optional items:  The following will make your ride more enjoyable, but aren’t absolutely necessary.  Cycling gloves, sunglasses, cycling shoes and clipless pedals, padded cycling shorts.
  • Be on Time:  MACC rides almost always leave promptly at the advertised time.  Get to the start of the ride with plenty of time to get yourself and your bike ready to roll!
Friday the 23rd. One Love
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