About Major Taylor

Marshall W. "Major" Taylor

Written by Joseph Edwards


Major Taylor"Life is too short for a man to hold bitterness in his heart."
– Marshall W. "Major" Taylor

Marshall W. 'Major' Taylor was unknown to me until late in 1997. He is a figure whose prominence at his chosen field of endeavor, cycling, looms large in history. Regardless of the label you prefer, Negro, Black, or Colored, Major Taylor was a man of color born in America who achieved international acclaim for his accomplishments.

In 1899, Major Taylor was the world champion cyclist. He was the American sprint champion in 1898, 1899 and 1900. Major Taylor succeeded at what some might consider an unconventional sport for an athlete of color. Notwithstanding, Major Taylor achieved, fame and fortune as a World Class Cyclist.

Major Taylor is the inspiration for numerous bicycling clubs and associated organizations in the United States. I'm glad to have been offered the gift of that inspiration through my membership in the Metro Atlanta Cycling Club .

Simply put, Major Taylor' pursuits and successes during his life stand as an undeniable example of the result of proper attitude, consistent and focused work ethic and excellence in performance despite external factors. For an excellent entry point to a greater understanding of Major Taylor', visit the Major Taylor Association.

Alan Reynolds

Recommended Reading

Major Taylor: The Extraordinary Career of a Champion Bicycle Racer
by Andrew Richie
Johns Hopkins; ISBN: 0-8018-5303-6 (pbk.)

Bicycle Rider
by Mary Scioscia, Ed Young (Illustrator)
Harper Trophy; ISBN: 0064432955

Bicycle Rider:
Young Marshall is good and fast, and he gets the chance to prove just how good and how fast when Mr. Hay at the bicycle store enters him in the annual Indianapolis bicycle race. With bold illustrations and fast-paced dialogue, this exciting chapter book recreates an early episode in the life of Marshall Taylor, who grew up to become the fastest bicycle rider in the world. Great for young readers. Note: This book is out of print. Look for it at used book outlets.

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