Florida Bicycle Safari

Published Date Written by Darcina "Diamond" Garrett

MACC at the Florida Safari 20153 days, 200 miles, One Love - PRICELESS! It was a great time, had by all. Whether you stay in a hotel, camp out in the field or rent a bed in the dorm type shelter this is one biking adventure you would truly enjoy. The people are great and the food even better. I mean really, what ride have you been on where everyday they start you out with a home cooked breakfast (eggs, grits, pancakes, sausage, fruit, etc.…) and then nourish you with a home cooked dinner (chicken, salmon, short ribs, green beans, salads, corn on the cob, free beer etc.). And the roads, OMG they are fantastic! Bare minimum traffic and the beauty of nature surrounds your every turn (rolling hills, green pastures, wild flowers, 1’000 year old trees…).



The Safari was pleasing all around, but now let’s talk about MACC!


Our reputation preceded us; this was obvious to me from the day we walked in to register. MACC was more than welcomed and respected by Safari regulars. Our ambassador “Bo” was at his best recalling this person and that person and greeting those he did not know “How goes there”. And it was obvious Prez was respected as the one to hang with on the rides! Metrics averaged 21mph, Centuries averaged from 17–20 mphs. The riders were not playing they were getting it in! Really, 100 miles at 20mphs, awesome (Prez, Diesel, Big Will, Youtube, Tarance…)! And when the rides were over, back at the campsite, the stories begun to unfold. Who did what, who accomplished what, who said what. Prez and Hulbert had us laughing story after story and Bo filled in the silence with his let’s go around the group questions, like what did you like best about the day. I can’t recall everything, but here are some highlights from the trip:

  • Day 1 - a 21 mph Metric ending with pretty much the entire peloton in tack
  • MaccDiva and myself pulling the guys into rest stop 1; Prez couldn’t believe it
  • Prez taking off after Louis catching all off-guard; the rest of the peloton in fast pursuit
  • Alicia and her mom serving it up at Rest Stop 2, the best rest top
  • The return of Eddie and Tarance’s wife Mavis
  • Day 2 - Prez being the first one in from the Century
  • After the first 50 miles of riding, MACC witnessed an attacked by a rider who screamed off at 30mphs. The rumor mill had him as a pro, the entire peloton agreed to let him go instead of breaking up the group
  • My first Century and the welcome home “you made it” applause from some of my MACC family (Lady T, Black Cherry, Lady Rock, Eloise, Mavis and Alicia). Thank-you guys! . Also thank-you to Diva, Frisky, Larry and Bo for bringing it in with me
  • Bo’s first Century after his accident and them squeaky shoes (smile); one was rubbing the bike for about 60 miles, he said he suffered but never complained
  • MACC fingernails, LOL!! The ladies were styling and profiling
  • Hubert and Eloise played and almost won the Newlywed challenge; that Bobby Brown answer did them in
  • Star-lit nights; finding the Big Dipper using smart phone Apps
  • MaccDiva winning the fancy bike pump; Bo strongly admiring it, LOL
  • Learning to play the bones, unknowingly missing one bone (2 by 5), go figure Diesel and Big Will thought I slept it
  • Day 3 – everyone rolling together
  • Mike documenting the entire ride, capturing the moments
  • There was always a member of the MACC family waiting to greet and assure all MACC riders were in off the road. Roll-call: Bo, Lady Rock, Lady T, Black Cherry, Diamond, Prez, Tarance and Mavis, Hubert, Eloise, Larry J., Alfa, Big Will, Cedron, J.Cool, Eddie, Ricky and Mike.


Florida Bike Safari, it was a great time!


Friday the 23rd. One Love
Copyright 2015