Ride reports

2017 BRAG - The Return of the MACC!

Written by Johnny Wilder

MACC's BRAG adventure started on Saturday with a number of group members riding from Stone Mountain to Athens (Greg (Pres), Larry J., Hubert (UTube), Gene, Macho, Dominico (Nico) featuring Jack. Leigh Torrance joined us for the ride as he participated in his 27th out of the last 28 BRAGs. Thanks, Lee.

All other group members (Johnny, Cheryl (Lady Roc), Thelma (Lady T), Tangela, Rod, and our 1st lady Alpha) rode to Athens in a van. We left Atlanta towing a trailer but quickly realized no one in the van knew anything about backing it up with a trailer in tow. We found out later that the only person capable of this feat was the rookie, Nico.

The group riding to the start in Athens arrived approximately one hour before the van. After choosing our campsite for the night we ventured into downtown Athens for dinner and drinks. The normal jokes and reminiscing commenced at the 5 Bar and Grill. 

There were five people considered rookies on this trip not due to riding ability but rather because it was their 1st 7-day ride with camping: Cheryl (hotel option), Lady T, Nico, Hubert (u tube) and Tangela.

Day1- The ride from Athens to Washington

The Johnny Train was in full effect, but in true MACC fashion, all levels of riding were covered. Alpha, Greg (Pres) and Nico rode with the Dream team, which had a variety of skill levels. The rookies finished their 1st day without much fanfare or drama, but this would soon change. Washington had very little to offer in the way of food and entertainment. We found what was supposed to have been a Mexican restaurant, the manager seemed to be the only person working and things went downhill from there.    


Day2 - The ride from Washington to Thompson

Mass start was announced for7 am, in true MACC fashion on BRAG we started a little late. As the Johnny train proceeded along the course members of the Dream Team hijacked it. Knowing there are always terrorists on the train, I suspect that it was an inside job, planned the day before. Unlike most hijacking, this one was successful due to an aging engine in need of a tune-up. We will not forget the mastermind of this hijacking (Little-G), there is still a reward out for his capture! After the ride and while all members were engaged in trying to inflate an air mattress with a bicycle pump, there was an attempted assassination of our president by the rookie Lady Roc. He was locked in a parked van while sleeping in the South GA. heat. If he had been a dog there would've been jail time. Later that evening the rookie UTube took charge and drove us to N Augusta in South Carolina where we were treated to a fantastic meal!


Day3 - Ride from Thompson to Louisville

The train left the station as normal with all members dressed up in their new MACC/BRAG jersey. After a few miles of leisurely riding, another group in their new outfits overcame train. The manner in which they made their move was considered to be offensive!  The conductor asked the President to handle the situation. At that same time, Nico (now called super-rookie) rode up and asked what the situation was. When the Pres and super-rookie rode off to attend to the matter, it gave some riders, including Gene who is never allowed to ride the train, the excuse they were looking for to exit the train. Watching this spectacle from the train, Pres and his band destroyed the offending group and the tracks were littered with blue jerseys. The train reassembled at the last rest stop and continued to Louisville. In Louisville, we knew that we would not find the same dining experience we were treated to the day before, but to our surprise, there was a Bistro downtown next to the Slave market. The sandwiches were wonderful and desert good. BTW, I can't comment on desserts or cookies without giving a shout to our rookie Lady Roc who supplied us with the best cookies and cakes that I've ever had, period.

DAY4 – Century and Layover Day

This day did not start out as the others, rain and a cold morning dampened the spirit of some riders; we decided to make this laundry day. However, all was not deterred Pres, super-rookie and others decided to ride the century and other distances in the rain. Where most remained on course at least one did not, Macho. He claimed he was run off course by dogs. Investigations found no evidence of dog tampering; our belief is that it was delusion set in after days of chasing Jack. That afternoon we had a fish fry in the neighborhood next to the campsite. We were also joined by the Romans on this day and were glad to see Brenda, Larry, Teresa and Iris who came out to visit us on Saturday. A good jazz ensemble and a raggedy reggae band provided campsite entertainment. The story of the day was reported as “just a normal day on the road.” One young Dream Team member completed the century with Pres and super-rookie. That young man was taught a lesson since he was party to the earlier Johnny train hijacking. To our surprise, the young man was introduced as the Dream Teamer member that once dropped MACC. According to sworn testimony, he dropped the pain train featuring Pres and the super-rookie.


Day5 - Louisville to Meter

This day started like the rest except Jack was missing most of the day! This day another rookie stepped up and drove the van, Lady T did an amazing job of finding a campsite conducive to our group. After keeping Jack away from everyone for most or the ride super-rookie left Jack unattended at the showers and I was able to have a long conversation with him. I was previously advised that if I needed help from the super-rookie I had to go thru Jack because he was in charge. I found out that Jack had been out chasing carbon wheels especially ZIPPS. Later that afternoon led by BRAG veteran (Gene), we ventured to Savannah, GA for seafood and arrived at a closed restaurant. The excursion was also prompted by the fact that another veteran (Alpha) had lost shoes her shoes. Regardless, all is well that ends well; we ate and explored the riverfront in Savannah.

Day6 - Meter to Jesup

The longest day - the president’s 20 mph avg. and birthday ride! Four additional MACC members drove in from Atlanta to join the group: Bo, MACC Diva, Diamond, and Cedron. After arriving a little late they were transported to the 2nd rest stop only to find MACC members scattered about the course because the conductor of the train was on van duty. Jack was unable to support the Pres. because he had a hangover from eating carbon the day before. Pres ended the ride a little short of his goal but was not down, his word was I need and deserve a beer. Since this was our last afternoon together we dined at a local seafood spot (Captain Joe’s). We recapped the week and handed out the rookie of the year award, which went to Lady Roc for her support of our least experienced rookie (Tangela), not to mention the deserts. BTW, on this day we did hear other stories of dogs (pit bulls) sitting in the road on the century course daring riders to pass them. Guess Macho wasn’t delusional.

DAY7 – Jesup to Brunswick

The day didn't start as the others; Bo led us in our first One Love salute of the ride. The Johnny train rolled a nice 17-19 mph picking up and welcoming riders along the way. I heard comments like; “I have never rode paceIine in a group like this”, “I’ve never ridden 5 miles this fast”, and “I think I would have still been out there if not for this group.” One MACC member made sure they felt invited and talked the whole way, MACC Diva. Looking back it was one of the best last day rides I can remember. All seemed to have fun and can't wait until our next adventure.


This is Johnny’s story as he recalls the trip  Thank-you Johnny, ONE LOVE!! 


Friday the 23rd. One Love
Copyright 2015