Ride reports

MACC Team Rondo 2016

Written by Dennis Francis

Team Rando, conceived in the diabolical distance focused minds of Pres and Dub PBP (Paris-Brest-Paris 1200k), started 2016 with the goal of achieving what Randonneuring's governing body RUSA calls the most difficult medal to achieve- the R12 award.  That's 12 consecutive monthly...

officially sanctioned 200k rides through the cold, the heat, the wind, the climbs, the lack of food stops- through anything the elements throw at you during the course of a year!  The rides are governed by Randonneurs USA and each team member had to register with RUSA, register for each ride, stop at designated stopping points to have a time-control card signed and complete each ride within a time limit.

The crew included, Pres, Dub, DrewJack (DropProof), Rod (P-Scriv), Ricky (Frisky), Roy (Rasta Sign Man), The Smash Brothers: Tim, Cedron, Steve and Dennis. Others like MACC Diva, Mark, Niko, Tony, Josh and Julius joined along the way to offer a wheel and moral support.

The team completed routes all over Georgia from the North Georgia mountains to the coastal plains near Savannah. In addition Team Rando completed routes in Tallahassee, Florida and Anniston, Alabama.  They started out with a very hilly challenge in the cold of January followed by a trip to Anniston in March to ride with the Montgomery Bike Club on the "Ride the Rails to Rockmart".  When the weather turned hot there was the hilly and challenging "Fried Green Tomatoes" in July and "fried" is the operative word!  Then there was the Auchumpkee Covered Bridge- no store stop for 50 miles and all uphill and windy on the way back.

Throughout the year there were long stretches of gravel roads, control cards to get signed, information controls to discover, a delicious lunch on the Little White House 200k, an outstanding fresh vegetable dinner in Tallahassee complete with IPAs, Tim's homemade vegan banana bread and of course lots of climbing.

The team met a lot of Randonneurs along the way who did a great job of hosting us and the team imparted to them the spirit of "One Love" in appreciation of their hospitality.

Congrats to all team members for outstanding work in 2016. Some team members still have a few more 200k's to complete in 2017 to achieve their award. All are invited to come out and ride and support those members as they strive to bring home the R12 award for the MACC-Velo Team Rando!


One Love!

Tuesday the 16th. One Love
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