Atlanta Cycling Festival (ACF) Report 2015

Written by Darcina Garrett

What a great event for the City of Atlanta and something new for MACC! Like many other cycling enthusiasts and organizations we too wanted to help with promoting cycling in the City of Atlanta. We decided not just to become a festival sponsor, but to also hold a key festival event “The Living Walls Bicycle Tour”. Well, not only was the ride a great success for MACC and our ACF and Living Walls partners, but the entire festival was one great public relations event.

The 200 riders that signed up showed great appreciation and felt safe cruising around the city learning about and photographing the 20+ murals that we visited. Although, some riders had seen some of the murals from their cars, being able to just stop and take them in provided another viewpoint and appreciation for the art. It was the longest, short ride, but they enjoyed every minute. As for the Opening and Closing events, ACF delivered! There were hundreds of folks that came through during each 4-hour event. We had big fun interacting with the crowds and meeting all types of riders (racing pros, stunt cyclists and casual riders). Festival participants won fixes (some of the coolest I’ve seen), Yamaha bike racks, free ride entries and all types of other cycling related prizes and giveaways. For us, there are now a few hundred more people in Atlanta (+visitors) who knows about MACC, our One Love Century (some registered, some plan to attend) and Major Taylor! Yes, we took the opportunity to educate and uplift one of the greatest riders ever and an unsung hero! Thank you and congratulations to ACF and especially Jeffrey for coming up with this fantastic festival and keeping it going. AND, much love to my MACC Family for showing up and showing out! WE DID THAT and ended it with one massive ONE LOVE!!


Tuesday the 16th. One Love
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