Riding into Better Health

Written by Lily Robinson

Cycling Improves Heart Rate and Strengthens Body Muscles

Cycling is without a doubt necessary for a healthy life style. It improves the activity of the heart by strengthening the heart muscles and, hence improves the blood supply. The risk of cardiovascular disease is, therefore, reduced greatly because of this healthy activity. Cycling also helps in the strengthening and the building of muscles, especially muscles in the calf, thighs and lower abdomen. Moreover, it is also the perfect exercise for people with joint issues and those who are suffering from hip injuries; cycling can keep their joints in working condition. All the benefits to the muscles and the synchronized movements of the arms and legs improve bodily balance and coordination.


Cycling Can Tackle Obesity and cause Tension Alleviation

Obesity is an ever increasing problem of modern day and is a cause for many health problems. Cycling is one way to tackle and prevent this serious health issue. It burns a lot of calories and hence, is a good way to lose weight and perfect the waistline. One of the main mechanisms of weight reductions is enhanced body metabolism due to full body exercise. It also results in a more efficient blood supply and tones the muscles; this has a great psychological advantage. The increased blood supply to the brain helps reduce mental stress and relieves tension.


Cycling – Way of Relief for Cancer Patients

Cycling is among the most popular hobbies today. The purpose for cycling varies; some people cycle because of sports interests, some just enjoy the surge of adrenaline and exhilaration, and some just do it for fun. Cycling, however, has proved to serve a higher purpose than those stated above; cycling has innumerable advantages on the health, both physical and mental. Recent research has proved that cycling even manages to reduce discomfort of cancer patients. When practiced with moderation, the recent research showed that cycling reduced pain, stress and other symptoms which result from chemotherapy. Cycling has helped patients with ovarian cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer!  Cancer patients suffer a lot due to the painful symptoms of the treatment; they are in search of a way to ensure a higher quality of life. Cycling has provided such patients with an efficient solution to their problems. It can not only alleviate the symptoms but can also provide other benefits. This holds true for patients who are undergoing treatment and those who have completed it.

The research highlights the fact that cycling is not just an activity; it is an activity which rejuvenates the mind, body and soul. Cycling is one rare exercise which manages to involve all the body parts, from the hands to the toes. This complete physical exercise, therefore, provides numerous benefits.


Even The Healthiest Activities Impose Some Level of Risk!

Cycling, however, has some disadvantages. Just like excessive usage of any item, substance or excessive habit can be harmful, overdoing cycling causes damage to the body as well. Cycling can, therefore, cause the joints and muscles to wear out and lead to subsequent pain in the knees and lower back. The incidence of lower back pain is very common in cyclists. Overexerting the body muscles and subjecting them to a stress greater than that which the body can endure leads to overuse injuries.

These problems can be avoided by doing only a moderate level cycling daily. Overuse injuries that may result due to cycling are, however, treatable. Even more, with good description of the symptoms the physicians can provide an online diagnosis or schedule a face to face examination, and you can get the medication needed in a credible online pharmacy; these physicians and pharmacists can provide services for a wide array of medical issues, including those related to cycling.


Cycling: A Key to a Healthy Lifestyle

All the benefits which result due to cycling, duly explain the famous saying that cycling can increase the life span and can add some extra healthy life years to your life! When the body is subjected to such an exercise it is guaranteed to feel invigorated and refreshed.

As any other activity, cycling has its pros and cons, but it is greatly evident that the benefits of cycling outnumber the disadvantages by a large margin. Cycling can, therefore, be easily classified as one of the healthiest activities which should become a part of the daily routine. The benefits it infuses the body with are worth the exercise. What's more, cycling is fun - A person can enjoy and reap numerous advantages at the same time!



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